Memoy is FeeLing UseLess at Home

Haii bLogger
It's the hard time for me....
My mom and my dad was sick since a coupLe times a go.
I really had no idea how to being a good daughter and take care of them. My big brother is far from us,,so he give me In charge at home. But,I was Bussy with the university stuff too,so I'm confused. cAN you feel what I'm feel?
maybe ,my friends in uni think that I'm sucks,'cause I'm seldom going out with them ,,but it is because I don't wanna being upset in the future. I don't want to make my brothers dissapoint against me. I feel that I have a big and huge and heavy responsibiLity,,but I don't know how to use that. what shouLd I do? can I do that?
and at Uni ,,I have just started the class,,and the class is boring,,cause my best friends at Uni doesn't join in the same class with me. But,It's not really a matter,,the important thing is not to finding a friends,,but to finding some good score ,,finishing my study and get out from there,
Ok,get back to the point.
Last night at 01.00 am,,,my Mom is taking to Hospital cause she's feel so bad.......Untill this time,,when I type this post ,my moms face is still pale. I never seen her face is Looking Like that before,,she's usually look like a girl,,with red roses chicks like I have.
and I'm so scared at that time. wish me Luck Guys,,,wish my Parents Luck.
I feel useLess cause I can't help anyhting to makes things right,,,
I was really really sad. Praying my parents get better soon. amiin.

Memoyz MorOn :(

chat with ME !!!! (-^_^-)





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