Memoyz on the weekend

Good afternoon,Blogger........
This saturday morning,I was going to Uni,cause I have a morning class today. but I've allready wait Untill 1 hour ,but the lecture didn't come. How pitty ! before doing that,I take my Little brother to his school. My brother is going to SMPN 2 grade 8. and his Looks is really have the same side with my big brother. My Mom's doesn't go to work today,,cause Like all of you Know she gets sick,,(look at my post before this post),,but she said that she felt better than before,and I'm so gLad to hear that.alhamdulillah.
so this weekend,I'm not going anywhere. not going to hang out,like usual. I won't let my mom stay at home alone.
I love my mom,,,off course you have the same feeling like me.

maybe I'm just gardening with my mom,,cause my mom Likes that stuff and I'll accompany her. talking about garden,I love rose flower and cactus. Cause they are beautiful and Lil' cute but they could protect themself. How cool they are !!!  I want to being a girL like the philosophy of roses and cactus,beautiful,cute but have a protection for my ownself,,Lol .I have three cactus and four roses flower at home. 

when I type this post,My cat,Lil' take a nap near me,,what a Lazzy cat. do u have a pet?
Maybe,I'll post the continued later,,coz I've got something to do, Thanks for visiting my bLog and read this sillly post. so...see ya.

MemOyz Love Y'alL

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