Memoyz telling something Today

well hai,Pals..
Is your day fun ???
hhm,This is my busy day. coz I have 4 classes at Uni from morning untill evening.
It's really boring,u know....
and I'm get cough,again. I hate cough,,It's disturbing my activities. but,I'm trying to enjoy it. yes,I really try.
hey,,,did u know? I've a special friends right know,,but I can't share it with you here,,,coz if my friends at Uni read it,,,they would be joking me,,and my chicks will being red because of it. hehehe lol.
hhm,,,,and I'm feel so anoyyed cause I've met with someone I don't wanna meet,,but I'm just seen him from far,,
and mmmmm I'm still hate him untill this time,,but I apologize him because his fault,,,but you know,,,like my status on facebook that I made last minutes ago,my heart was beating so fast, pain is only word I know that ' time,someone's talkin' to me but I didn't heard,,that's all because I hate to see him. because It's remind me 'bout that pain. 'bout my dissappointed.
but that's not really a matter now.

I don't wanna tell you more,,that's not good
well,,my older brother send my Lil' bro and me a watches.
For Yoma ,he gifts him,Tokyo Flash type Pimp2 black
and for me,he gifts me,Odm Pixel white. what a great great surprise. Thanks,bro !!! >_<

Ok then I hope you all fine.
have a LoveLy week.

(hey,,I'm sorry ,my English was not good but I'm trying to write this post with English is just because the foreign visitors from outside Indonesia can understand my post,,thx for my friends outside,,thanks,dude )

 MeMoYz Love Y'alL

chat with ME !!!! (-^_^-)





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